Heart of Africa Services Center of Washington (H.A.S.C-WA) is a local and international 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Founded in September, 2012, its objectives are to encourage educational development among disadvantaged communities in south Sudan, which is under developed since the country gained its independence from the British in January 1956.

Teacher Students Under TreeThe South Sudan has been ravaged by series of civil wars since after its independence until the signing of comprehensive peace agreement in July of 2005.

Heart of Africa Services Center of Washington (H.A.S.C-WA) recognizes that, encouraging education in general is a key to empower the young generation of marginalized people of south Sudan, particularly youth and young adults.

The vision of the Heart of Africa Services Center is to help create a self-sustaining community by providing the marginalized people in the rural communities of south Sudan with good educational tools, training and resources to enable them to realize their potential.